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    Alternativní cartridge Blackpro Canon BJ200 serie (BC-02)

    Alternativní cartridge Blackpro Canon BJ200 serie (BC-02)

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      Product details

      Sada černého inkoustu PGI550 XL+ celé sady CLI-551XL ( azurová, purpurová, žlutá, černá a šedá ).

      Canon Pixma MX 725
      Canon Pixma MG 6450
      Canon Pixma MX 920 Series
      Canon Pixma IP 7250
      Canon Pixma MG 5550
      Canon Pixma MG 6350
      Canon Pixma MG 7100 Series
      Canon Pixma IP 8700 Series
      Canon Pixma MG 6400 Series
      Canon Pixma IX 6800 Series
      Canon Pixma MG 6300 Series
      Canon Pixma MG 7150
      Canon Pixma IP 8750
      Canon Pixma MX 720 Series
      Canon Pixma MG 5500 Series
      Canon Pixma IX 6850
      Canon Pixma MG 5450
      Canon Pixma MX 925
      Canon Pixma MG 5400 Series
      Canon Pixma IP 7200 Series
      Canon Pixma MG 7500 Series
      Canon Pixma MG 6600 Series
      Canon Pixma MG 5655
      Canon Pixma MG 5600 Series
      Canon Pixma MG 7550
      Canon Pixma MG 6650
      Canon Pixma MG 5650

      Product manager:

      Ing. Zoltán Pálfi,  +420 241 731 505,  zoltan.palfi@abi.cz

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